Based on an idea from the customer, we choose together the type of product that suits the best. We make 3D models, and with the latest cutting plotter technology, we make a real-size physical model.

Then the pre-press team is responsible for creating an attractive design in accordance with the client’s expectations. Once we find the right design, we make the plates and proceed to printing. The cutting area takes care of the die, split, folded and glued to make assembly as easy as possible. Finally, after passing through quality control, the product is packaged and sent to the customer.

Thanks to the interrelationship of our three departments: pre-printing, printing and post-printing, the work begins and ends within our facilities, thus allowing a follow-up of the production processes. In this way, we can know at what point the printed materials are. In addition, if necessary, doubts can be consulted and solutions sought between one department and the other.